Measuring equipment & calibration equipment

Medium pressure calibrator

Prcise pressure calibration

  • Mitteldruck-Kalibrator
  • Mitteldruck-Kalibrator
  • Mitteldruck-Kalibrator
  • Mitteldruck-Kalibrator

The pressure calibrator is used for precise monitoring and adjustment of pressure gauges and transmitters. It is equipped with a precision manometer. A fine adjusting screw pressure regulator and a valve complete this portable device.


The pressure gauge to be checked is connected directly to the quick coupling of the calibrator. After closing the valve, the pressure can be increased by the hand pump and decreased by the valve. Small changes can be made by the fine adjusting screw.

  • accurate pressurization from -1 to 10 bar, -1 to 25 bar.
  • accuracy: 0,1% FS max., from 0...50 °C
  • resolution: 7400 test points (0,014% FS)
  • battery life:  1/2 Jahr of uninterrupted use
  • 4 displays: pressure-, temperature- and time values; unit
  • 946 storage locations for measured values (8114 optional)
  • Serial interface
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    Product Details Specification
    Industry Beverages, Food Industry, Pharmacy
    Employment Monitoring of pressure and temperature profiles
    Measurement Categories Pressure, Temperature
    Objects Softdrinks, wine, beer, food
    Specifics Free programmable, compact construction, independent
    System No
    Automation Level Fully Automatic Machine
    Measuring Methods
    • Precise pressure generation
    • Digital precision manometer
    • Integrated pressure pump
    • Easy operation
    • Fine adjusting screw pressure valve
    • Portable
    • Battery operated
    • Three versions with several pressure ranges available
    • Integrated hand pump
    • Pressure range: -1…10 bar / -14.5...145psi
                              -1…20 bar / -14.5…290psi
                              -1…25 bar / -14.5…362.5psi

    Medium pressure calibrator

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