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Made to measure
Hand-held CO2 measuring device for sealed
containers and carbonated beverages - Made to measure

The traditional approach of “tapping” the cap is a widely-used method for measuring the carbon dioxide content of beverages bottles, such as those which have been transported or stored for long periods of time. At this year’s Brau Beviale trade fair in Nuremberg, Steinfurth, a company based in Essen, Germany, presented a brand new method for taking measurements, which can be carried out without damaging the beverages’ packaging.

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Interactive Programmable Pressure-Sequencer Version IM

Test device for closures

The Steinfurth IPPS-IM tests the pressure resistance and sealing properties of closures. ... read more
Bottle Weight & Capacity Tester

(BWCT) automatic fill volume measuring

With the BWCT you can automatically determine the bottle volume and the filling height. ... read more
Ipps-Interactively Programmable Pressure Sequencer
IPPS-Interactively Programmable Pressure Sequencer

Automatic generation and monitoring of pressure sequences in the package testing

Package testing often requires defined pressure sequences. ... read more
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