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Bottle Neck Pressure Tester (BNPT)

For bottle pressure measuring

  • Steinfurth Bottle Neck Pressure Tester
  • Steinfurth Bottle Neck Pressure Tester
  • Bottle Neck Pressure Tester
  • Bottle Neck Pressure Tester

Continuous thinner packaging of non-carbonated beverages requires to stabilize the package by nitrogen injection after filling. If the packages are equipped with sports closures, that can’t be pierced from the top, new instruments are required to assure the ideal inner pressure for most optimal performance of the package.   
Steinfurth has developed the Bottle Neck Pressure Tester, which is able to pierce and seal these packages below the neck ring. By easy exchange of the clamping jaws the system can be adopted to different neck diameters.

The original filled beverage is inserted in the clamping. The manometer is started and by screw motion of the digital manometer the neck of the packaging is pierced.  The inner pressure of the package can now be read off the display of the Manometer.

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Product Details Specification
Measurement Categories
Automation Level
Measuring Methods
  • Unique System at the market
  • Adaptation of different neck Diameters
  • Accurate & repeatable results
  • Pressure range: -1 – 10 bar
  • Resolution: 0,01 bar
  • Accuracy pressure: 0,1% FS
  • Power supply: battery
  • Appx. Weight: 1.5 kg

Bottle Neck Pressure Tester (BNPT)

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