The Company - Our mission
Steinfurth develops and distributes customer-specific electromechanical measuring systems in the beverage industry, packaging industry, food industry, pharmacy, mining and further industries as a worldwide accepted producer. ... read more
Core Competencies
The core competencies are the development and the sales of customer-specific electromechanical measuring systems for the beverage industry, the packaging industry, the food industry, pharmacy, mining and further industries. ... read more
Steinfurth offices
With our headquarter in Essen and our subsidiary in the USA as well as several agencies Steinfurth is able to offer electromechanical measuring systems and customer-specific solutions to our customers all over the world. ... read more
Steinfurth Global Network
Apart from the headquarters in Germany and the subsidiary in the USA Steinfurth has numerous agencies and partners for attending to its customers worldwide with regard to electromechanical measuring systems. ... read more
Quality Management
The electromechanical measuring systems by Steinfurth are high-quality solutions. Thus, Steinfurth has established a quality management system for products and processes and the last few years. Steinfurth e. g. consquently implements the ISO 9000. ... read more
Here you can get an overview of the successful history of development of the company for customer-specific electromechanical measuring systems founded in the Ruhr area. ... read more
Business Management
Steinfurth is a an owner-managed company. The company is sustainably managed by the two engineers Johann Angres and Martin Falkenstein with focus on customer orientation and innovation creation. ... read more
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