Welcome to the specialist for electromechanical measuring systems

As a specialist for electromechanical measuring systems Steinfurth develops and distributes innovative and customer-specific solutions. In the last 40 years, Steinfurth has globally established as a market leader for electromechanical measuring systems in the beverage industry, packaging industry, food industry, pharmacy industry and mining industry.

Since Steinfurth continuously develops or refines special measuring instruments amongst others for the beverage industry and reacts quickly to customer requests, the company is a reliable partner for quality products from Germany.

The approved electromechanical measuring instruments include: CO2 measuring instruments, measuring and calibration equipment, torque, calibration equipment for torque, logger systems, package testing equipment, carbonation systems, sampling devices, laboratory shakers, beer analyses instruments and mining systems.

New products
  • Steinfurth Bottle Neck Pressure Tester
    Bottle Neck Pressure Tester (BNPT)
  • OST- Optical Shelf-Life Tester
    Steinfurth CDA-OST
    Steinfurth NICO2
  • PC-Line Burst Tester BR-7000
    Steinfurth PC-Line: BR-7000
  • Hot Wire Cutter CB 6000 03/04
    Steinfurth PC-Line: CB-7000
  • Steinfurth PC-Line: StCr-7006 - Automatic Stress Crack Tester for PET Bottles
    Steinfurth PC-Line: StCr-7006
  • Steinfurth Universal Bottle Filler
    Steinfurth UBF
  • Steinfurth Hot Fill Simulator - Universal Bottle Manipulator
    Steinfurth UBM
Product groups
  • CO2 Measuring System
    CO2 measuring instruments
  • Calibration and measuring equipment for pressure and temperature
    Calibration and measuring equipment for pressure and temperature
  • Torque measuring instruments
    Torque measuring instruments
  • Calibration equipment for torque
    Calibration equipment for torque
  • Logger Systems
    Temperature/Pressure logger systems for pasteurization, KEG-monitoring, transport and storage
  • Package testing equipment
    Package testing equipment
  • Carbonation equipment
    Carbonation equipment
  • Sampling devices
    Sampling devices
  •  Laboratory shaker
    Laboratory shaker
  • Beer analysis instruments
    Beer analysis instruments
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