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Steinfurth CDA – Check Bottle

For easy validation of the Carbon Dioxide Analyzer

With the CDA-Check Bottle Steinfurth offers a quick and easy opportunity to validate the newest generation of measuring heads CDA-MK 6. The check bottle consists of a polycarbonate container, which is equipped with high precision sensors for pressure and temperature. It can be applied like an usual bottle from the filling line to the Steinfurth Carbon Dioxide Analyzer, so that no further expertise is needed to execute validation. After inserting the CDA check bottle, it is connected to the measuring head and the base unit by a Y-connector. Subsequently validation can be executed. The measured results of the measuring head and the check bottle are displayed next to each other, so that possible deviations are clearly visible.

  • Direct comparison of pressure and temperature
  • High accuracy
  • Easy operation, analogue usual bottle from the filling line.
  • Measurement with carbonated fluid
  • Direct, consistent visualization of validation results.
  • Pressure range:  0…4 bar / 0…58psi
  • Pressure accuracy: better +/- 20 mbar / 0.29psi
  • Temperature range: 0…25°C / 0..77°F
  • Temperature accuracy: better +/- 0.3°C / 0.54°F
  • Filling volume:  330 ml / 11 fl. oz
  • Media:   carbonated beverages