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Steinfurth Can Pressure Tester (CPT)

for ergonomic manual pressure measurement in cans

The Steinfurth Can Pressure Tester is easily ergonomic attached to beverage cans. It pierces eccentric the top lid of the can (for proper piercing outside of the pull ring area). The internal headspace can pressure can be read from the digital or analogue pressure gauge attached to the CPT piercing mechanic.

The Can Pressure Tester is equipped with an adaptor, which is slipped underneath seaming ring on the can. At the same time, it aligns the piercing needle with the seal on the top lid of the can. By singlehanded movement of the piercing handle, the device is clamped onto the can. By this, the top lid of the can is pierced by a hollow needle.
The internal pressure can be read from the pressure gauge. The Can Pressure Tester is available with an analogue as well as with a digital pressure gauge.

Productos detallesEspecificaciones
IndustriaBebidas, Industria de alimentación, Farmacia, Industria de embalaje
ObjetosPacked beverages & food
  • Direct readings of the internal pressure
  • Digital or analogue pressure gauge
  • Easy operation (single-handed)
  • Exchangeable adapters for customized can types

Pressure range:   

  • 0…6 bars / 0...87 PSI (analogue)
  • -1...10 bars / 0...145 PSI (digital)
  • -1...3 bars / 0...43.5 PSI (digital)

Pressure accuracy:   

  • 1% FS (analogue)
  • 0.1% FS (digital)
Steinfurth Can Pressure Tester (CPT)