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Steinfurth Shoulder Cart Tester

"Shoulder Impact Tests"

The Shoulder Cart Tester is a testing device designed to support the Can Abuse Resistance Test. The device includes repeated dropping of a specimen weight onto a beverage can. The device includes a can holder for optimal adjusted position during the test and height adjustable impact mechanism with release button.

The Shoulder Cart Tester retracts a support on which the can rests. The impact weight is released and falls down, guided by a pair of parallel steel rods. The movement of the standardized impact weight is triggered by pressing the release button on top of the device.

Product DetailsSpecification
IndustryBeverages, Packaging Industry
EmploymentSide Impact Test
ObjectsCans & metal bottles
SpecificsHorizontal lateral runout test
Automation LevelSemi-automatic Machine
  • Based on ISBT test for cans
  • Repeatable results at any test place
  • Easy drop height adjustment
  • Easy adjustment for different can diameter
  • Usable for cans and aluminium bottles
  • Easy operation

System components: • Can holder apparatus
                                • Adjustable impact weight holder
                                • Drop height gauge