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Steinfurth Ball Impact Tester

Standardized impact tests on bottle closures

The Steinfurth Ball Impact Tester allows standardized impact tests for bottle closures. The bottle to be tested is held in a box, which can be swung from a horizontal to a vertical position in steps of 5 degrees.

The impact weight, a steel ball with defined mass and diameter, is manually dropped through a drop pipe. The kinetic energy of the impact is defined by the length of the pipe and the mass of the weight. The drop pipe can be adjusted to select the desired target point.

Product DetailsSpecification
IndustryBeverages, Packaging Industry
EmploymentDrop Test & Ball Impact / Side Impact Test
Measuring CategoriesImpact Test for Bottle Closures - horizontal/vertical
ObjectsBottle closures
Automation LevelManual
Measuring MethodsPhysical Performance Test Method - Ball Impact
  • Standardised ISBT test for Sport Closures
  • Repeatable results at any test place
  • Suitable for any type of bottle closures
  • Adjustable for glass and PET bottles
  • Easy change of the drop pipe
  • Safety protected closed impact chamber
  • Adjustable impact angles and heights
  • Adjustable impact point
  • Bottle neck holder based on the Steinfurth Universal PET Holder
  • Drop height: adjustable (see test procedure)
  • Weight of the impact weight: variable based on test procedure
  • System components: • Safety Protected cabinet
                                    • Bottle holder
                                    • Drop pipe
                                    • Impact weights (balls or bullets possible)
                                    • Holder for spare pipes, impact weights and tools