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Orange Bottle

for verification of closure torque tester

The Orange Bottle is used to verify the operational repeatability of torque measuring instruments. This bottle is constructed with high energy permanent magnets and is pre-set at the factory to a customer specified torque of between 5 to 15 inlbs. Each Orange Bottle is labeled with its exact torque rating and repeats to an accuracy of +/- 0.2 in-lbs.

The Orange Bottle can be used instead of a real bottle for torque measuring. The value from the torque instrument can be compared with the Orange Bottle and should be in range of the deviation.

Product DetailsSpecification
IndustryBeverages, Food Industry, Pharmacy, Packaging Industry
Measurement CategoriesTorque
Automation LevelSimulation
  • High reproducibility
  • Quick verification of the system
  • Delivered with customer specified cap
  • Set  to customer specific torque value
  • Torque Range:    5 - 15 inlbs (other on request)
  • Repeatability:     +/- 0.2 In-lbs
  • Closure diameter: 28 till 43mm (other on request)
  • Height:   200 mm (approx.)
  • Diameter:   68 mm (approx.)
  • Weight:   1.5 kg (approx.)