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Glossary regarding electro-mechanical measuring devices


Beer analysis instruments are applied to analyze and secure the quality of beer. For this purpose, the beer analysis instruments measure e. g. the foam stability or the turbidity of beer.


Calibration equipment for torque measuring devices is supposed to make sure that the values shown by a torque measurement device are correct, easpecially during a long service life.

Carbonation equipment permits the carbonation of beverages with the individually favoured CO2 concentration. With carbonation systems, beverage samples can be produced with defined and preferably reproducible CO2 concentrations so that it is possible to find the optimal flavour.

CO2 measuring instruments are used for measuring the CO2 concentration e. g. in packed beverages or in dispensed beverages. In the process, the Steinfurth CO2 measuring instruments measure the pressure and the temperature in the carbonic beverage and calculcate the CO2 concentration from the results. The CO2 concentration influences the flavor and the permanency of beverages.


Laboratory shakers are used to prepare beverage samples that have to be analyzed with regard to the gases solved in them. According to the form of analysis, laboratory shakers can be adjusted to different shaking rates.

Logger systems are used to monitor various measurement categories. For instance, there are logger systems that are applied for the temperature monitoring during pasteurization, others check the temperature e. g. during transport and storage and others monitor the pressure, temperature and fluid level during the cleaning and filling of KEGs.


Measuring systems for torque are used in the food and packaging industry for measuring the torque of screw closures. The measuring systems for torque are fully automatic or manual devices.

Measuring systems for packages are used for manifold tests of package qualities. With the constantly growing variation of material and forms of packaging, the meaning of optimal quality control increases, too. Package testing systems analyze e. g. dimensions, opening characteristics, pressure resistance & permeability or safety-related aspects.


Package testing equipment has got various features. Every package testing equipment has in common that they measure or test bottles, cans, barrels and other packages in some way. For instance, there is package testing equipment which measures the CO2 concentration, the torque or the fluid level, others measure the volume or the fluid level, the pressure or the openin characteristics of closures.


Sampling systems are used for various analyses of beverages. The analysis samples are taken without loss of CO2 from packed beverages.