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Core Competencies

The core competencies are the development and the sales of customer-specific electromechanical measuring systems for the beverage industry, the packaging industry, the food industry, pharmacy, mining and further industries.

The electromechanical measuring systems by Steinfurth are able to determine different indicators, such as crash stability for bottle closures, brix, CO2, CO2 & N2, density, impermeability, torque via weight, pressure, compressive force, pressure profile, flow rate, fluid level, weight, foam stability, foam dissolution, temperature, turbidity, packing dimension, volume via weight and tension as well as further indicators by customer demand.

The electromechanical measuring systems are developed to be used in numerous application ranges such as measurement, torque, drop test, lateral runout test, homogenization, calibration, carbonation, paint/coating attrition test, recording, monitoring, sampling, sample preparation, quality control as well as security check.

Steinfurth is specialized on creating process optimizing measuring systems which fulfill the highest quality demands and, since they are developed as integrated systems, save our customers’ time and thus costs. Steinfurth measuring systems perform according to internationally accepted measuring methods such as the “Dimensional Test Method” and the “Physical Performance Test Method”.