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Steinfurth - Specialist for electromechanical measuring systems

As a specialist for electromechanical measuring systems Steinfurth develops and distributes innovative and customer-specific solutions. In the last 40 years, Steinfurth has globally established as a market leader for electromechanical measuring systems in the beverage industry, packaging industry, food industry, pharmacy industry and mining industry.

Since Steinfurth continuously develops or refines special measuring instruments amongst others for the beverage industry and reacts quickly to customer requests, the company is a reliable partner for quality products from Germany.

The approved electromechanical measuring instruments include: CO2 measuring instruments, measuring and calibration equipment, torque, calibration equipment for torque, logger systems, package testing equipment, carbonation systems, sampling devices, laboratory shakers, beer analyses instruments and mining systems.


Drinktec 2022 vom 12. – 16.09.2022

Ausstellung – Messe München

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