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Steinfurth UBF

Universal Bottle Filler

The industrial trend of decentral quality assurance increases the importance of automatic and flexible filling systems for testing laboratories. The simultaneous development of continuous thinner PET packages creates the demand to study the after-filling performance of used PET-packages at various temperatures. The Steinfurth Universal Bottle Filler was especially developed to fulfill this requirements.

The max. filling temperature of up to 95°C enables to simulate customizable Hot-Fill-Processes used in beverage production plants, by what possible negative effects to the package can be analyzed. The flexibility of the systems allows not only to fill automatically at defined temperatures, but also to create a defined headspace, that is required to create defined package pressure by nitrogen injection.

The Steinfurth Universal Bottle Filler is equipped with two individual fill heads, which are equipped with a PET neck gripper that is able to hold almost all kind of PET packages.
By programmable procedures the filling temperature, headspace and filling speed is most optimal adjusted to the relevant test sample.
Several safety features and combined operation of touch panel and physical buttons secure a safe and user independent operation of the device.

  • Two independent fill heads
  • Defined headspace adjustment
  • Compact and smart simulation of hot fill processes.
  • Filling temperature up to 95°C
  • Customizable process to individual simulation parameters.
  • Optional extension with Steinfurth Universal Bottle manipulation module (for automatic sample handling & cooling)
  • User friendly operation via Touch Screen and physical Buttons.
  • Workload: 40l
  • Temperature control: ambient – 95°C
  • Appx. Heating time to 95°C: 15-20 min
  • Appx Weight: 120 Kg
  • Fill level adjustment: +/- 1mm
  • Water supply: 3-7 bar
  • Electric supply: 3Ph 400V 32A
  • Compressed air supply: 5-10 bar
  • Min. Neck Diameter: 22mm
  • Max. Neck Diameter: 38mm
  • System Dimension: 700 x 2060 x 650mm
Steinfurth UBF