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Steinfurth Shoulder Cart Tester

"Shoulder Impact Tests"

The Shoulder Cart Tester is a testing device designed to support the Can Abuse Resistance Test. The device includes repeated dropping of a specimen weight onto a beverage can. The device includes a can holder for optimal adjusted position during the test and height adjustable impact mechanism with release button.

The Shoulder Cart Tester retracts a support on which the can rests. The impact weight is released and falls down, guided by a pair of parallel steel rods. The movement of the standardized impact weight is triggered by pressing the release button on top of the device.

BrancheGetränke, Verpackung
ObjekteDosen & Metallflaschen
BesonderheitenHorizontaler Seitenschlagtest
  • Based on ISBT test for cans
  • Repeatable results at any test place
  • Easy drop height adjustment
  • Easy adjustment for different can diameter
  • Usable for cans and aluminium bottles
  • Easy operation

System components: • Can holder apparatus
                                • Adjustable impact weight holder
                                • Drop height gauge