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Steinfurth PC-Line: CB-7000

Hot Wire Cutter

For several tests in quality assurance for PET-packages the package has to be cut to separate the required parts to be tested from the rest of the package.
The Steinfurth Atrya Hot Wire Cutter is especially designed for safe, accurate and clean cutting of different kind of PET – packages.

The empty package is inserted into the device. The three cutting blades are heated up and the clamp is closed. By closing of the clamp the package is cut into four pieces. The position of each cutting blade is freely adjustable by the Operator.

  • Customizable  position of cutting blades
  • Quick, safe and clean cutting process
  • Easy Operation
  • Adaptable to several PET-packages
  • External Dimensions: 710 x 626.25 x 246.75 mm
  • Approximate Weight: 16 kg
  • Voltage: 110 VCA 50 Hz / 60Hz
  • Power:  3.00 kW
  • Brackets in V: 3
  • N° blades: 3
  • Types the “Finish”: Ø 28 mm, Ø 38 mm, Ø 48 mm