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Steinfurth Drop Cart Tester

Standardisierte "Drop Cart Tests"

The Drop CART Tester is a testing device designed to support two different beverage can stability tests: Drop Test and Can Abuse Resistance Test (CART).
The Drop test includes repeated dropping of a specimen can onto a plain anvil plate from ever increasing heights. CART includes repeated dropping of a specimen can onto an anvil plate different from that used for the drop test, but from a fixed height.

The Drop Cart Tester retracts a support on which the can rests. The can will then fall down, guided by a set of parallel steel rods. These can be adjusted to fit the can. The retraction movement is triggered by pressing the green button (marked “Release”) on top of the valve cabinet. One or two seconds later, the support will extend again.

BrancheGetränke, Verpackung
ObjekteDosen & Metallflaschen
BesonderheitenVertikaler Falltest
  • Standardized drop / impact test for cans
  • Adjustable to most can types
  • Repeatable testing results
  • Pressure supply: 4 bar (58psi) to 10 bar (145psi)
  • System components: • Concentric anvil plate for drop test
                                    • Eccentric anvil plate for drop test
  • Drop height: 60mm …300 mm
  • Can diameter: 45mm … 70 mm