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Steinfurth DH - Drucktransmitter

Kontinuierliche Drucküberwachung

DH pressure Transmitter on beverages bottle
The Steinfurth pressure transmitter system type DH is a means to measure and record absolute pressures inside closed PET bottles over a long period of time.

It consists of the following components:
• Multiplexer cabinet
• Transmitter hub
• A number of pressure transmitters
• PC software “Pressure Transmitter”

- The pressure transmitters can be screwed onto PET bottle necks instead of a closure. They are normally fitted with MCA-1 thread adapters but can be retrofitted with wide-neck adapters, too.
- Each one has an internal address number by which it is accessed by the PC software.

BrancheGetränke, Verpackung
AnwendungMessung & Überwachung
  • Standardised ISBT test for Sport Closures
  • Repeatable results at any load machine
  • Simulation of human jaw
  • Easy adaptation to any load machine
  • Safety protected clamping mechanism
  • Pressure controlled operation of the jaw mechanism
  • ressure range: 0...10 bar abs.
  • Channels:
    1: absolute pressure
    2: temperature of pressure sensor
  • Sampling rate: 10 s...86400 s
  • Power supply: 220…240 V AC, 50 Hz / 115V AC, 60 Hz (other on request)
  • Protection class: IP 67 (transmitters) IP 54 (hub/supply)
  • Materials (Transmitters): Aluminium AlMg3 Stainless steel 1.4305 (X10 CrNiS 18 9) POM NBR
  • Data export: Text format (can be imported into, e.g. MS Excel)