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Flow Through Spout Tester

Überprüfung des Durchflusses

Flow Through Spout Tester for sport closures 

The Spout Flow Meter is a means for comparing (and measuring) the flow of resistance in “sport closures”. 


  • As a parameter for flow properties, the standardized test includes the use of the Spout Flow Meter yields, 
  • The time needed for the free outflow is 1 liter of water from a vertically mounted plastic pipe with an internal diameter of 74 mm through the sport closure (spout down) with a minimum water level of 150 mm above the bottom end of the closed spout.
  • Flow time is measured manually, using a stop watch 
BrancheGetränke, Verpackung
BesonderheitenStandardisierter Teststand zur Durchflussmessung
MessmethodenPhysical Performance Test Method for Sport Closures - Flow Through Spout
  • Standardised test for Sport Closures
  • Repeatable results at any test place
  • Measurement inclusive bottle finish
  • Adaptation of the bottle finishes using the Steinfurth Universal PET Holder Set
  • Weight: 7.5 kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 250 x 250 x 800mm
  • Necessary test items:
    Spout Flow Meter with sport closure attached
    Beaker (minimum volume: 2000 ml)
    Stop watch or lab timer