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Steinfurth Swart

Side Wall Abuse Resistance Tester

  • Steinfurth Swart
  • Steinfurth Swart
  • Steinfurth Swart
  • Steinfurth Swart
The industry trend in direction less expensive but still high efficient packaging forces manufactures during development of new packages to challenge the limit of materials used.  
Instruments used in packaging evaluation and beverage bottling process have to delivers pos-sibly automated testing solutions for these needs.
In case of the side wall abuse resistance test a manual, not standardised controlling of the quality of the cans is no longer accurate enough to recognize the shrinking border between well performing and insufficient robust package product.

The Steinfurth SWART (Side Wall Abuse Re-sistance Tester) has been developed for auto-matic and user independent monitoring of the mechanical resistance of pressurized beverage packaging against defined impact.
To assure most optimal process efficiency each SWART is pre-programmed with standardized fully automated and semiautomatic test proce-dures.
Additionally up to thirty free programmable pro-cedures can be used for customized adaptation of the instrument to the specific test application.


The SWART is automatically adjusting subse-quently to the different pre-programmed launch heights and releasing the drop weight (bullet) to fall on the sample.  A destroyed sample is automatically detected.

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Product Details Specification
Industry Beverages, Food Industry, Packaging Industry
Employment Drop Test, Ball Impact Test & Quality Control
Measurement Categories Impact stability of cans - horizontal
System Yes
Automation Level Fully Automatic Machine
Measuring Methods Physical Performance Test Method - Side Impact
Data Interface: RS 232 (optional USB)
Power Supply: 110-230 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions:     62 x 52 x 1350 cm (D x W x H)
Weight:             approx. 60 kg/120 lbs

Steinfurth Swart